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BondTech QR Universal Extruder - 3.00mm (Left-Hand)

BondTech QR Universal Extruder - 3.00mm (Left-Hand)

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The Bondtech QR Universal extruder for 3.0 mm filament gives you the markets highest performance, precision and reliability with its DualDrive gear system.

It is now available in a Left-Hand version for easier placement of the extruder especially in Dual material setups.

The new design makes it possible to change filament by activating the QuickRelease lever. The spring-loaded secondary drive gear adapts to filament variations and optimal pressure can be adjusted to match your preferences.

CNC-machined precision drive gears that are hardened to withstand wear from abrasive filaments.

Super sharp drive gear teeth's grips the filament from both sides that gives very high available feeding force to ensure uninterrupted material flow to avoid under extrusions. Filament grinding and slippage is now a thing of the past.

Housing parts professionally 3D-printed in nylon with the SLS technology (SelectiveLaserSintring) for strength and precision.

Use metric sized PTFE tubing for best performance, see below.

The extruder feeds material with equal force in both directions. The point of filament entry and exit are side A and side B.

  • Side A is fitted with a push-fit connector that cannot be changed.
  • Side B has an integrated "Groovemount" for a hotend that meets the Groovemount standard like E3D-V5/V6 and other types.

For the Groovemount connector on side B we also offer the following adapters separately where you can find in the bottom of the page at "Suggested Accesories"

  • "Filament guide" for a Bowden Tube style configuration where the filament entering from side B and fed into a Boden tube connected at side A, like Ultimaker 2/original.
  • "Direct to Bowden" adds a push-fit connector on side B for configurations where the extruder is in the middle of a Bowden Tube style setup. Integrated brass thread-bushings for strength and a long lifetime.