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3D Solex Stainless Steel Nozzle - SS 50 ''ICE'', 0.50mm

3D Solex Stainless Steel Nozzle - SS 50 ''ICE'', 0.50mm

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This fantastic newly developed product by 3D Solex has a core of stainless steel and a multi-component molecularly interlocked tempered surface with 2 main advantages:

  • PLA ( or any other filament we know of ) simply refuses to stick to it.
  • Cold Pulls work so much better, the inside of the nozzle is "ICE" too.
  • Its surface is much more wear resistant than that of stainless steel, so it will last much longer printing abrasive filaments.
  • Compared with brass, it is in a class of its own.
  • It also works exceptionally well with chemically challenging chemicals, like glow, flexible materials, + many more.

    These are the three fantastic advantages of this nozzle.

    Now blobs of filament will not be carried around and depositet on your print. It still prints slower than a brass nozzle.

    ownside: A stainless steel based nozzle will not allow you to print as fast as a brass one.

    Use: Run-in period of 2 hours at max 220C. This hardens/tempers it, after that, Max temp 280C.

  • For UM2 w/Olsson Block UM2+, Matchless V3.
  • Much stronger than steel nozzle. Not as fast as a brass nozzle.