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3D Fuel Wound-Up Coffee Based 3D Filament 500g spool 1.75mm +or- 0.05mm Made In USA

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Wound Up is a coffee filled 3D printing filament made using waste byproducts from coffee. Wound Up uses those coffee left-overs to create a special 3D printing material with visibly unique print finishes. The filament produces products with a rich brown color and a noticeable natural grain. Caution: Wound Up coffee filament uses PLA as its base polymer. Because of this you should not use it for 3D printing anything that will come in contact with high heat or hot liquids. In other words, it IS NOT safe to print a functional coffee cup with this material. We do recommend that you print coffee accessories. This is the first in a line of intriguing materials from 3D-Fuel called the c2composites. Wound Up filament can be printed on any machine capable of printing with PLA using standard PLA settings.

  • Made using waste byproducts from the coffee making process
  • Prints on any printer that prints with PLA
  • Easy to use, nice brown textured quality
  • Very tight tolerances + or - 0.05mm or better
  • Made in USA