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E3D SpoolWorks EDGE Filament - 3mm, Clear Crystal01, 750g

E3D SpoolWorks EDGE Filament - 3mm, Clear Crystal01, 750g

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Edge is a unique filament for 3D printing, developed in-house at E3D as part of SpoolWorks range. It combines the toughness and resilience of ABS with PLA’s ease of use to bring you superior processing properties that make printing stuff a dream.

We’ve come close to eliminating warp with Edge’s super-low contraction, and its carefully-managed levels of viscosity, adhesion, and melt strength mean that you can print amazingly accurate overhangs and terrifically tight bridges.

Edge is PETG-based, making it widely recyclable, but has been modified to provide exceptional toughness and resilience. Durable, strong, and stiff, Edge also allows incredible layer adhesion at a molecular level. This means that parts are almost as strong between bonded layers as they are across them. Unlike other PETG-materials, Edge also adheres effectively to bed surfaces with just a little bit of gluestick.

Edge brings you the strong, solid color you can expect with our entire SpoolWorks range but with unmatched vibrancy and pigmentation. A naturally glossy, shiny material, Edge shows detail extremely well and can even be given a metallic finish.

Key Features:

  • Strong and tough
  • Easy to print
  • Moderate processing temperatures (80C bed, 240C nozzle)
  • No unpleasant fumes or odors
  • Pairs with Scaffold support material for reliable adhesion and clean breakaway
  • SpoolWorks' high quality