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BarePaint - Conductive Paint (50ml)

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Descriptionbare conductive paint is a multipurpose electrically conductive material perfect for all of your diy projects! bare paint is water based, nontoxic and dries at room temperature. . . Bare paint is the first non-toxic electrically conductive paint available to consumers today. This unique child-friendly material is designed for people of all ages to explore and learn about electronics with an inclusive, easy-to-use material. . . Bare paint provides a dramatically different method of interacting with electronics as it can be applied to almost any surface, including cardboard, paper, wood, wallpaper, walls, textiles, and some plastics. . . Bare paint can be used to replace conventional acid etching, making it a great electronics prototyping tool. Nontoxic and water-soluble, bare paint can be used without gloves or mask. The paint dries quickly at room temperature, and can be removed with soap and water. This means it's also not water-proof or weather-resistant!. . Application methods include: painting, screen printing & spray painting among others. Despite being called "bare" conductive, it's meant not for use on bare skin. . . Bare conductive paint - 50ml