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E3D ToolChanger & Motion System Bundle Kit with Hemera Extruders - 3DMakerWorld, Inc.

E3D ToolChanger & Motion System Bundle Kit with Hemera Extruders

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Key Features:

  • CoreXY Fabtotum-style motion system with genuine Hiwin rales and carriages
  • Six-point exact-constraint kinematics ToolChanger toolhead featuring an integrated Z-Axis endstop
  • Leverage the full power of Hemera with direct drive toolheads, providing top class filament control with short filaments paths and uncompromising grip with dual drive hobbs.
  • Remotely connect to your ToolChanger via Computer, Laptop, or Tablet with Duet's Wifi main board
  • Kit comes partially assembled; CoreXY motion system is pre-assembled.

Note: Shipping lead time is currently 1-2 weeks minimum

The E3D ToolChanger and Motion System is an advanced research platform that allows up to four Multi-Material / Multi-Function tools (such as lasers, subtractive tools, pick & place, paste extruders, inspection cameras, and anything else you can dream up), to be utilized during a single print.This kit comes with 4 x Direct Hemera tools. Hemera extruders and PTFE tubing are included in this bundle along with the Motion System, ToolChanging mechanism, plus Duet Wifi connectivity.

The Motion System is built for high speeds and quick accelerations. Moon’s motors and Genuine Gates 2GT Belts produce fast, reliable and longer-lasting performance. To ensure the high accuracy of the Motion System the three main axes come pre-assembled, allowing for a simple assembly experience with no additional need to tension.

The ToolChanger ToolHead is the core mechanical component of the tool changing system. Bolting directly onto the Motion System’s X-Carriage it provides the pickup and drop-off action enabling the use of different ToolHeads using the standardized E3D tool plate.

PLEASE NOTE - Printed parts are not included in the bundle, you will need to print them, files here.

Item Specifics
Heated Bed Max Operation Temp: 200degC
Bed Plate: Aluminum 6000 Series Alloy (3mm)
ToolChanger Max travel speed : 600mm/s
Max acceleration : 200mm/s2
Recommended tool mass : 500g
Overall Size: 800 x 550 x 580mm
Frame Weight: about 45lb

Kit Includes:
1 - Motion System
1 - Duet wiring pack
1 - ToolChanger ToolHead
4 - Hemera Tool Upgrade Kits
4 - Hemera Extruders (24V)
80 - Units of PTFE
1 - Borosilicate glass (4mm x 300mm x 200 mm)
1 - DueX5
1 - SSR
1 - High temperature Heated bed (110V)
1 - Duet Mainboard Wifi
1 - 24V Switching Power Supply
10 - Swiss Clips
Filament pictured is not included.