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E3D v6 Extra Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.25mm High Resolution

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Compatible with any 3D printers that use the E3D V6 ecosystem (M6 thread), including Prusa i3 and i3 MK2 3D printers. The internal geometry of V6 Nozzles is optimised to reduce back-pressure, ensuring a smooth, easy flow of filament while improving the effectiveness of retraction. The flat surface tip of the nozzle which flattens down the layer is custom machined to each nozzle size. A small nozzle tip gives you high precision, and a wide nozzle tip assists in the smooth printing of larger layers.

  • High-performance brass nozzles on the market, engineered to 3D print perfectly smooth layers.
  • Fully integrated into the E3D ecosystem of 3D printer parts.
  • Compatible with V6, Lite6, and Titan Aero.
  • Compatible with Prusa 3D printers.