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Ethernet SmoothStepper CNC Motion Controller

Ethernet SmoothStepper CNC Motion Controller

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The Ethernet SmoothStepper is an external motion control device that connects to the Ethernet port of a computer. It accepts commands from a software package such as Mach3, and produce very high quality pulse trains that drive step & direction motors. Features: Works through Ethernet. Connects to the Ethernet ports or LAN router so there is no need for a PC with parallel ports. It simulates 3 parallel ports. Generates pulse rates of up 4Mhz. Works directly with Mach3, Mach4 ( not includes MACH3, MACH4) Online Support Forum. Has 51 I/Os. Made in USA by Warp9 Tech Design Inc.

  • Ethernet SmoothStepper CNC Motion Controller
  • Simulates three standard parallel port interfaces.
  • Operate a CNC machine from an Ethernet connection.
  • Works seamlessly with Mach3 Software (sold separately).
  • Pulses at rates over 4 Mhz!