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BondTech Extruder Upgrade Makerbot Rep2X (EXT-MKB-1)

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Kit for Makerbot Replicator 2x

This kit gives you grinding free filament feed for your printer with our proven DualDrive technology with precision machined gears in hardened steel.

The housing parts are professionally SLS printed in nylon for maximum strength and precision. The adjustable tension will allow you to fine-tune the force acting on the filament.

The feedtube is held securly in place with an industrial Push-fit connector for reliability.

Original motors are used and this kit replaces the original extruders and cold block of your printer.

The new BTI-Bondtech coldblock developed by BrettTurnerIndustries and Bondtech will let you adjust the nozzle height from the outside that makes adjustments much easier and convenient and provides for an optimal cooling of the hotends.

Installs in about 1 hour with standard tools available.