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Genuine E3D GT2 Belt Upgrade (1m) (M-GT2-BELT-PRO)

Genuine E3D GT2 Belt Upgrade (1m) (M-GT2-BELT-PRO)

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An upgraded GT2 belt, 6mm in diameter and as long as you want it. These belts control the movement of the print-head by connecting it to the printer motors. Use it for building your own RepRap 3D printer or easily upgrade your existing belt with this one!

This belt is designed to be flexible without being springy, absorbing vibration and jerkiness in the print-head. Its strong teeth maximise surface contact between the the belt and the pulley, which translates into more accurate starts and stops and fewer faults in your prints compared to a standard GT2 belt.

Price is per 1m, around ~39.5 Inches for those from the USA.