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Genuine E3D Hobb-Goblin - 5mm ID Drive Gear (M-HOBB-V2-50-0-BORE)

Genuine E3D Hobb-Goblin - 5mm ID Drive Gear (M-HOBB-V2-50-0-BORE)

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A wicked little filament drive gear made from stainless steel with really sharp little teeth cut into it.

These are carefully manufactured on a synchronised CNC processs which gives a sharp, consistent, and clean cut tooth profile that has incredibly good grip.

We've tested these with 1.75mm filaments, from the soft and delicate flexibles to hard and abrasive materials like Carbon-Fibre PLA. All with great results.

These are a great match for our NEMA17 Stepper motors with 5mm shafts to create low cost and simple extruders for 1.75mm filament. These gears are similar in effective radius and usage to a Mk8 Drive Gear.

Attaches to a 5mm motor shaft with an included M3 Set Screw.