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E3D V6 Extra Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.80mm

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This Genuine E3D V6 nozzle has been fully redesigned based on customer feedback. This Brass .8mm nozzle is a beast of a nozzle. This nozzle has twice the diameter output as the standard .4mm nozzle which means a much larger filament output. By utilizing this large diameter nozzle, you can print large objects much faster using larger layer heights. This does sacrifice some detail in your print, but the amazing print speeds can make up for that if you are printing less detailed objects. The nozzles have reduced back-pressure which allows exceptionally smooth and easy flow of filament while improving retractions. The smaller nozzles have a small nozzle tip which offers incredible precision. V6 Nozzles feature backwards compatibility, so they can be used to upgrade your V5 HotEnd. If you are using a V6 HeatBreak it is recommended that you use a V6 Nozzle. Each nozzle is carefully built to the highest quality. Please be aware that software adjustments will have to be made before printing with this nozzle. Your slicer software has to know that the nozzle has an increased layer height. Please reference your slicers online manual and also reference the E3D wiki to verify everything is set correctly before printing.