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E3D v6 HeatSink - 3mm Bowden (V6-300-SINK-B-WITH-COUPLING)

E3D v6 HeatSink - 3mm Bowden (V6-300-SINK-B-WITH-COUPLING)

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The 3mm Bowden v6 HeatSink has been designed to be significantly smaller and more compact than it's v5 predecesor through the miniaturisation of the HeatSink and the integration of an embedded bowden coupling for metal in place of the bulkier pneumatic fittings used on v5.

This comes complete with an embedded bowden coupling fitted in the heatsink.


The v6 3mm Bowden HeatSink is cross compatible with v5 since the HeatBreak remains M6x18.

As with v5, the bowden version accepts filament deep into the Heatsink and uses a lead-in angle to help guide filament from your extruder into the HotEnd.