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Proto-pasta CFP11705 The Original Carbon Fiber Spool, PLA 1.75 mm, 500 g, Black

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  • Stiffer than PLA with better Dimensional stability for warp-free printing, excellent layer adhesion, and easy support removal. Comes on fully corrugated recyclable spool with standard dimension
  • Matte Black finish on prints that hides layer lines for more attractive Printed parts
  • Processing is comparable to standard PLA. No heated bed required. Process may be less consistent on smaller nozzles (<.4mm) and/or bowden Type machines
  • We recommend printing this material at 190c-230c using a 4 mm or larger nozzle. Please Note that this filament is more brittle than normal PLA and requires more careful handling to prevent breaking
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and customer service as a top priorities. Usa sourced packaging and labor