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Proto-pasta PCA12805-BLK Polycarbonate-ABS Alloy, 2.85mm 500g Black

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Proto-pasta polycarbonate-abs Alloy is an incredibly tough material designed for strong, resilient parts with good impact resistance. Processing is more challenging. For best results, a heated bed is required to control warpage and improve layer adhesion. Cross-sectional area should be minimized. Pc-abs is moisture sensitive, store in a moisture barrier bag with desiccant for strong, bubble free parts. In our experience, good printing results are achieved with small parts at 270-280c on a heated bed. For larger prints with good layer adhesion and minimal distortion, an enclosure is ideal.

These 500G spools are shipped on the industry's only fully recyclable corrugated paper spools with no metal or plastic parts. These extremely high quality spools are rigid, lightweight, attractive, and eco-friendly. They also have a larger than normal inner core improving printability of the last few layers of Material, especially on 2.85mm diameters. The different designs on each spool are actual drawings, schematics, and Code from the equipment we manufacture your filament on. Enjoy!

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  • Polycarbonate-abs alloy is a strong, resilient material that is easier to print than just polycarbonate but with the added benefits High performance material for high performance hardware! heated bed and high temperature all metal hot end required Processing is more challenging, good results are achieved when printing small parts at 270-280c on a heated bed. For larger prints with good layer adhesion and minimal warp an enclosure is ideal
  • Printed parts are tough, lightweight, and have excellent impact resistance. Use with good ventilation
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and customer service as a top priorities. Usa sourced packaging and labor