BOFA TCU Precision Temperature Control Unit with RFA Technology - 3DMakerWorld, Inc.
BOFA TCU Precision Temperature Control Unit with RFA Technology - 3DMakerWorld, Inc.

BOFA TCU Precision Temperature Control Unit with RFA Technology

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Key Features:

  • Precision temperature control unit designed for solder paste applications
  • To prevent process contamination, the conditioned air is passed through a filter before entering the TCU
  • Fail-safe condensate sensor with TCU shutdown in the base of the unit to detect water in the event that the condensate container has not been re-fitted after emptying
  • Two capacitive level sensors monitor the condensate level
  • BOFA's SureCHECK quality standard

The Temperature control unit (TCU) has been designed to meet a very specific process requirement within the electronics sector. The reliable placement of surface mount devices during PCB assembly requires that during the initial printing stage the solder paste is maintained at a temperature that ensures optimum performance.

With assembly now on a global basis, the variation of local climate and factory conditions means that this optimum level cannot be maintained without some form of intervention.

The design of the TCU includes cooling and heating elements which ensure that the temperature within the printing environment is maintained within 1oC of the optimum paste performance temperature regardless of whether the factory ambient is above or below this level.

Item Specifics
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1285mm + (beacon 450mm), 540mm, 670mm
Air Delivery System: Re-circulating
Temperature Range: +/- 8°C from ambient within a programmable range of 19 – 30°C
Temperature Control: +/- 1 degC
Cooling Capacity: 2000W
Temperature Sensor: Shared output from integrated printer sensor (0 – 10V input over 0 – 50°C)
Air in Filter: G4 (91% Average Arrestance) EN 779: 2002
Refrigerant Gas: R134a 0.75Kg
Full Load Current: 12.6A
Start Up Current: 20A
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Condensate: Collected in 5 litre container for disposal or piped to drain
Electrical data: 230V +/- 10% (207V – 253V working range) Single-phase 1~
Noise level: < 75dBA (at typical operating speed)
Weight: 140Kg
Approvals: UKCA and CE

Replacement Filter Part Numbers: A1030305

Where applicable, the carbon used in BOFA units is capable of removing a wide range of VOCs, however it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the carbon is suitable for their application. For specific applications, please contact us for details.

Important Notice: Many factors beyond the control of BOFA can affect the use and performance of BOFA products in a particular application, including the conditions under which the product is used. Since these factors are uniquely within the user’s knowledge and control, it is essential the user evaluate the products to determine whether the product is fit for the particular purpose and suitable for the user’s application. All products, product specifications, availability and data are subject to change without notice, and may vary by region or country.

Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents
⚠︎ Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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