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Full Color 3D Printed heart, Jemma's Heart - Phoenix Children's Hospital, heat map engineered 3d printed part, flexible 3D printed color tubing

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HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer  - Jet Fusion 580 - Full color 3D Printer with Voxel technology

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What is Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing?

MakerOS design specifications for HP jet fusion 580 full spectrum cmky color 3d printer
MJF Advantages: Fast printing speeds, fine detailed prints, no supports needed, less warping during cooling, full color CMYK, functional mechanical parts, quick turnaround times
PA12 Advantages: great thermal resistance, minimal degradation in sunlight, watertight properties, chemical resistance to oils & solvents, high tensile strength with some flexibility, excellent resistance to cracking

Applications & Industries

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Multijet fusion 3D Printing applications - 3D Figurines, table top gaming, medical tech, healtchare, art, historical preservation, aerospace, automotive, military, defense