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3D Solex UM2Go Heated Bed Upgrade

3D Solex UM2Go Heated Bed Upgrade

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WOW! Heated Bed for Um2Go! Brings the bed to 110C and the print head to 290C, if you need. No more trouble getting stuff to stick! This is one of our coolest upgrades!

If you have a Um2Go, you will wonder how you "did it" before, after this upgrade.

Prints until 290C !!

  • This is a heated bed upgrade for UM2, without the need to change the powersupply!
  • The kit contains a custom silicon heater pad with a sticky side providede by 3M.
  • You place it under the aluminium bed.
  • The kit also contains a custom heater for the hot end.
  • Without a new heater the heated bed will not work.

Warning: you must download and install new firmware (using Cura), for this upgrade to work, You can actually install it without the upgrade, but you must NOT turn on the bed before doing the firmware upgrade.