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Bondtech Drivegear Kit - 1.75mm, 5mm Shaft

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Key Features:

  • Genuine Bondtech drive gear kit in hardened and surface protected steel.
  • Precision cnc-machined.
  • Super sharp teeths for maximum grip on the filament.
  • The perfect choice for a high-performance feeding system.
  • Extremely high wear resistance for use with abrasive filaments.

This drivegear kit comes as a set consisting of a primary drive gear, a secondary drive gear, bearings and a shaft. The gear set is for filament size 1.75 mm, primary gear with inner diameter 5 mm, secondary gear with two needle bearings, M3x2 set screw and one 3 x 20 mm shaft.

Item Specifics
1 - Primary geardrive
1 - Secondary geardrive
1 - Shaft
1 - Set Screw
A Lithium based grease is recommended to use on the gear section and inside the needle bearings for low friction and to avoid wear. A small dab of grease is enough.

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