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3D Solex Everlast UM2+ Nozzle - 0.60mm

3D Solex Everlast UM2+ Nozzle - 0.60mm

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These nozzle will allow you to print spool after spool of Carbon Fibre, Bronzefill and other abrasive materials. They also leave a particularly beautful print with PLA , ABS and other filaments.

Printing Carbon Fibre on a standard nozzle will destroy it completley in a few hours, or less than 500g filament, but what is more, you will not be able to finish even one print if it is big enough! This nozzle can print all day long, week after week.

Print at 5-15 degrees higher temperature (PLA).

Many users experience that the EVERLAST paid back after 1 time use only!