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3D Solex

3D Solex "I2K" Insulator - 1.75mm

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One of our coolest items! Sold to universities and matter hackers world wide! This product is manufactured from a US-made engineering plastic. It serves as an insulator between the PTFE coupler and the hot end. With it you can print at 295C all day long.

Very useful! Great pay-back! Will save you at least 1, probably many hot end re-builds!

Fact: bought together with our own PTFE coupler in i kit named TF2K, we guarantee the PTFE for 6months unlimited printing (excludes physical abrasion of PTFE). If you print with ABS or PLA or any non-filled filament, your PTFE will last more than
1.000 hours continuous use.
Usage: Unplug PTFE from steel coupler, insert I2K, re-insert PTFE. Finished. Steel coupler must be turned all the way down to block, and only half turn back up allowed for sync in dual setup.

This precision machined upgrade insulates the Teflon coupler from the hot end top end, enabling the Teflon coupler to live for a long time. (image is from engineering sample). The Teflon will still deform, but much more slowly. It`s underside is no longer in contact with the Hot End, but on retractions, the hot plastic still touches the inside wall.

Over time the Teflon still forfeits sufficiently of it`s properties to start imploding and squeezing the filament and hot retracted plastic.

This part is in shape of a wafer chip and installs easily together with Matchless V3 Block. It is a perfect fit, so your SS coupler (the steel item with the radial holes in it) needs to be totally clean inside.