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3D Solex RSB ''ICE'' Surface Nozzle - 0.40mm

3D Solex RSB ''ICE'' Surface Nozzle - 0.40mm

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Has an outer geometry optimized for surfaces. This is a brass nozzle (excellent temperature properties) with a hard coating of a slippery "ICE" coating. This coating prevents hot plastic sticking to it! A super nozzle!

If you heat it to more than 275C, it destroys this function and the nozzle acts like a normal nozzle.

IMPORTANT: This ICE nozzle looke like a (dark) steel nozzle, but it is a brass nozzle! This means it prints just like a standard
brass nozzles (several times faster than steel nozzles).
Fits UM2- UM2+, Olsson Block, Matchless V3