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3D Solex UM2 Conversion 1.75mm Nano - Dual

3D Solex UM2 Conversion 1.75mm Nano - Dual

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Finally you can convert your UM2 / UM2+ to go with 1.75mm filament!

You have the choice to install it in the 2nd block position (UM2), or just replace your existing block. If you have a UM2+, you need a new fan shroud with 2 holes.

If you put it in the second position, you can have both setups in parallell. Then you will need to add Heater and Pt100 temp sensor to the order.

Adds 35W heater and Pt100 to the order.
You can have both the old and new block installed at the same time.
Your fan shroud must have 2 holes. We are working on an upgrade for that.