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3D Solex UM2 Heater - 50W

3D Solex UM2 Heater - 50W

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Individually tested heater cable. We know how horrible it is to change it.

1 Year guarantee.

This product is a consumable and as such has no guarantee, much like tires of a car. If it breaks immediately, it is replaced. 3d Solex however issues a 12 month guarantee. We know how time consuming it can be to change a heater!

Warning: May not work in "Olsson Block" clone! The calibre of the sensor holes are sometimes out of spec. They need manufacture to tolerances within 6/100 of a millimeter. If the hole is too large, the heaters will not be able to transfer energy, and burn out very brightly inside your block!

When you have a 50W heater, your head will heat up increadibly fast! The theoretical downside, is that we cannot guarantee that it will work when there will ever (?) be a dual upgrade for UM2 which needs 2 heaters. It may then be approaching the limit of the available power of the machine.