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3D Solex UM3 Hardcore Pro Nozzle - 0.80mm

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Key Features:

  • HardCore Pro Nozzle
  • Designed for the 3D Solex HardCore Pro for the Ultimaker 3
  • Works with both the HardCore Pro and the HardCore PVA BB

0.80 mm nozzles for Hardcore AA and Hardcore PVA BB. This is a fantastic quality product from 3D Solex. All Hardcore nozzles are surface hardened and of exceptional quality. Designed specifically for their HardCore Pro drop-in replacement for the standard Print Core AA on the Ultimaker 3.

Item Specifics
Weight: 0.006 kg
Nozzle Size: 0.80mm
Warning: The nozzles will not fit any other block

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