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Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo Driver with I2C Interface

Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo Driver with I2C Interface

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Key Features:

  • i2c-controlled PWM driver with a built in clock
  • Polarity protection on the terminal block input
  • 3 pin connectors in groups of 4 so you can plug in 16 servos at once
  • 220 ohm series resistors on all the output lines to protect them, and to make driving LEDs trivial
  • Solder jumpers for the 6 address select pins

You want to make a cool robot, maybe a hexapod walker, or maybe just a piece of art with a lot of moving parts. Or maybe you want to drive a lot of LEDs with precise PWM output. Then you realize that your microcontroller has a limited number of PWM outputs! What now? You could give up OR you could just get this handy PWM and Servo driver breakout. When we saw this chip, we quickly realized what an excellent add-on this would be. Using only two pins, control 16 free-running PWM outputs! You can even chain up 62 breakouts to control up to 992 PWM outputs (which we would really like to see since it would be glorious)

Item Specifics
Dimensions (no headers or terminal block): 2.5" x 1" x 0.1" (62.5mm x 25.4mm x 3mm)
Weight (no headers or terminal block): 5.5g
Weight (with 3x4 headers & terminal block): 9g
Adjustable frequency PWM up to about 1.6KHz
This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit address between 0x40-0x7F, selectable with jumpers