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Adafruit SI1145 Digital UV Index / IR / Visible Light Sensor

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Key Features:

  • Approximates UV Index based on visible & IR light
  • Works over I2C so just about any microcontroller can use it
  • Can connect an IR LED to LED pin for basic proximity sensing

The SI1145 is a new sensor from SiLabs with a calibrated light sensing algorithm that can calculate UV Index. It doesn't contain an actual UV sensing element, instead it approximates it based on visible & IR light from the sun. It's a digital sensor that works over I2C so just about any microcontroller can use it. The sensor also has individual visible and IR sensing elements so you can measure just about any kind of light. If you're feeling really advanced, you can connect up an IR LED to the LED pin and use the basic proximity sensor capability that is in the SI1145 as well. This nice little sensor is on a PCB with level shifting and regulation circuitry so you can safely use it with 3 or 5V microcontrollers.

Item Specifics
Fully assembled and tested PCB
1 - small header
IR Sensor Spectrum: Wavelength: 550nm-1000nm (centered on 800)
Visible Light Sensor Spectrum: Wavelength: 400nm-800nm (centered on 530)
Voltage Supply: Power with 3-5VDC
Output Type: I2C address 0x60 (7-bit)
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Board Size: 20mm x 18mm x 2mm / 0.8" x 0.7" x 0.08"
Weight: 1.4g
Does not contain an actual UV sensing element
Not recommended for 'true' UV sensing
Some basic soldering required