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Adafruit USB/DC/Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer Charger

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Key Features:

  • Specialized USB/Solar Lithium Ion Polymer Battery charger
  • Near-identical performance to MPPTs without the additional cost of a buck-converter
  • For use with Adafruit Lipoly/LiIon batteries only
  • Always draw the most current possible from a solar cell - up to the max charge rate

Make your projects to go green this summer with a specialized USB/Solar Lithium Ion Polymer Battery charger! This charger is a very unique design, perfect for outdoor projects, or DIY iPod chargers. Adafruit's come up with a plug and play solution to charging batteries with the sun with an updated more compact design and a 2.1mm DC jack. Charge with 5-6V DC, USB or 6V solar panel! Pick up a 3.7V LiIon battery and a 6V solar panel, plug the battery into the BATT port and the solar panel into the DC jack and put the solar panel outside (keep the battery out of the sun) to start charging. You can power another project like a Mintyboost at the same time by connecting to the LOAD output port this carefully designed charger is designed specifically for solar charging, and will automatically draw the most current possible from the panel in any light condition! Adafruit's detailed tutorial on how to use this charger includes a design document explaining how it all works.
This product is only designed for use with solar panels sold at the Adafruit store. Not guaranteed to work with solar panels purchased elsewhere. Please purchase Adafruit panels to ensure optimized functionality! Using larger panels, either higher voltage or current output, could also damage the charger.

Item Specifics
Board Dimensions: 1.6" x 1.3" x 0.08"
Thickness with 2.1mm SMT Barrel Jack: 0.5"
2-pin JST cable (fits BATT or LOAD ports)
Large stabilization capacitor (required on finished project)
Lipoly battery or solar panels are not included
2.1mm adapter cable required for solar panel to adapt to the DC power jack