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Aqua T-Glase PET Co-Polymer Filament - 2.85mm, 1lb

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Key Features

  • Polymer made for direct food contact/containers.
  • High Strength - Created for taulman3D's trusted industrial line to be stronger than ABS.
  • Very low shrinkage - Printing on large flat surfaces is a breeze.
  • Glass-like Clarity - With optical coatings, t-glase can appear as clear as a glass part.

Taulman3D t-glase (Tough Glass) is a "water clear" PET Co-Polymer filament which offers a high degree of translucence and super low shrink properties plus very strong parts. Every single roll of t-glase is 100% made in the United States. It can be used in most desktop 3D printers at 235-245C. Easily prints on acrylic, glass, Kapton, or other large flat platforms -- even on printers that do not have a headed bed. The high gloss surface finish is great for jewelry, props, and electronics. This environmentally conscious filament is considered 100% reclaimable and can be converted back into usable line from recycled prints. Due to printing more slowly than standard beginner 3D printing filaments like ABS and PLA, t-glase is recommended for intermediate users.

Item Specifics
Filament Size: 2.85mm
Weight: 1lb
Color: Aqua

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