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Capricorn PTFE Bowden XS Series Tubing 1 Meter for 1.75mm Filament

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Key Features

  • Highly consistent, perfectly round, Inner diameter of just 1.9mm
  • Treated with a unique friction-reducing additive
  • Perfect for softer and more flexible 1.75mm filaments

Capricorn XS bowden tubing helps with both the compression/buckling of the filament and the higher losses due to friction . It is made of pure PTFE that has been treated with a special additive to reduce friction. It is also made to highly precise standards, with an extremely tight internal diameter to improve filament constraint between the extruder and the HotEnd.

Item Specifics
Inside Diameter: 1.9mm
Outside Diameter: 4.0mm
Length: 1 Meter
Color: Dark Blue