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Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC + Bundle Pack - 3DMakerWorld, Inc.

Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC + Bundle Pack

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Key Features:

  • Designed to make it easy to connect multiple direct driver extruders in a tool changer or other multi tool machine
  • ARM Cortex M0+ processor running at 48MHz
  • One TMC2209 stepper driver with stall detection and stealthChop
  • Outputs to connect both the 3-wire 12V hotend fan and the 4-wire 12V cooling fan
  • CAN-FD interconnect to main controller board and other Toolboards or expansion boards

The Duet 3 Toolboard is a CAN-FD connected expansion board for the Duet 3 Mainboard that is designed to provide complete control for a direct drive extruder. The mounting holes and connector locations match an e3d Hemera, however it can be used with other direct drive extruders with suitable brackets. The stepper motor, heater, temperature sensor, fans and optionally Z probe and filament monitor all connect to the Duet 3 Toolboard, leaving only CAN-FD and power wires to run back to the Duet 3 Mainboard or Tool Distribution Board.

This toolboard reduces the number of wires needed to two power wires and two twisted pairs for the CAN bus. In comparison a direct drive extruder tool such as the E3D Hemera would normally need four wires for the stepper motor, two for the heater, three to five for 2 fans, and at least 2 for the temperature sensor.

The bundle option comes with connector packs for the tool boards and tool breakout board included as standard.

Item Specifics
4 - Duet 3 Toolboard
1 - Toolbroad breakout board
Two thermistor or PT1000 inputs (Temp0 and Temp1). One (input Temp0) uses a 16-bit ADC for high resolution reading of PT1000 sensors.
One 4-pin connector (IO_0) - example use case a Z-probe with 5V power. As of RRF 3.01-RC3, only Z probe modes 8 and 9 are supported.
One 3-pin connector with 3.3V power(IO_1).
One 3-pin connector with 5V power (IO_2).
Two push buttons.
Two LEDs.
12 to 32V power input.
On-board 12V, 5V and 3.3V regulators.