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Duet Expansion Breakout Board

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Key Features:

  • All 5 driver channels provide 3.6V differential signals on ENA-,ENA+, DIR_,DIR+, STEP- and STEP+
  • Compatible with second generation Duet Boards
  • Designed for external drivers that take different signals.
  • Comes as a kit with cable, connectors and crimps

This breakout board connects to second generation Duet boards ( Duet Wifi or Duet Ethernet) expansion header and is specifically designed for external drivers that take differential signals. It breaks out each of the 5 Expansion header stepper channels as follows Step+, Step-, Dir+, Dir-, En+, En-. It also breaks out heater 6 and 7 signals to 5V.

Item Specifics
1 - Duet Expansion Breakout Board
1 - 50way IDC cable
Note it is not compatible with older first generation versions of the Duet (0.6, 0.8.5).