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Dyze Design DyzeXtruder GT ColdEnd Extruder 1.75mm (Liquid Cooled)

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Key Features:

  • Unique lockable lever makes filament change very easy and convenient
  • 5.65:1 Gear Ratio
  • Works with all types of plastics
  • Lightweight and reliable operation with the all metal aluminum housing

High quality and all metal extruder that is able to print any kind of material with high pushing force and a dual pinch drive system. The DyzeXtruder GT has a 5.65:1 gear ratio made from high strength hardened steel and brass. This gear combination allows low friction operations and a longer life while the ratio uses the full potential of a very small motor while, enabling very high pushing forces. The gears and bearings are designed to last for hundreds of kilograms in extreme conditions. The combination of reduction gear, dual pinch and unique design enables the DyzeXtruder GT to push as much as 9 kg (20 pounds) of force. The dual-pinch system also allows a higher pushing force with a lower filament pressure. It reduces the risk of flattening the filament when highly detailed prints require a lot of retractions.

Item Specifics
1 - DyzeXtruder GT
1 - Stepper motor cable (1000mm)
2 - M3x10 mounting screw
1 - Blue Liquid Cooling Block For DyzXtruder GT
1 - Thermal Paste Pouch
Weight: 275g
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Operating current: 1A
Operating temperature (air cooled): Up to 60°C
Operating temperature (liquid cooled): Up to 20C
Top fitting tube OD: 4.00mm
Gear ratio: 5.65 : 1
Groove mount head thickness: 2 – 5mm
Mounting screw thread: M3
Mounting screw min thread depth: 5mm