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E3D Cyclops+ Switching HotEnd - 12V, Water-Cooled

E3D Cyclops+ Switching HotEnd - 12V, Water-Cooled

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Key Features:

  • Water-cooled
  • Multi-color printing
  • 2 filaments through one nozzle
  • Maximum printing temperature 285°C

Interested in dual colour printing? Cyclops is our 2 filament, 1 nozzle, dual color HotEnd. The use of a single nozzle makes bed levelling simple compared to dual nozzle setups. Cyclops+ maintains compatibility with the Cyclops nozzles and heatbreaks, however, it uses its own unique heater block and nozzle. Please note the Cyclops+ is only suitable for printing two of the same filament types i.e a green PLA and a blue PLA. Cyclops + can be used with an exceptionally light-weight, effective water-cooled heatsink, compatible with our water-cooling kit and nylon tubing.

Item Specifics
1 - Water-cooled HeatSink
2 - Collet
2 - Collet clip
1 - Cyclops+ fixings kit
2 - 800mm PTFE tube
1 - Thermal paste
1 - 0.4 mm Cyclops nozzle
1 - Cyclops Heater block
1 - Thermistor cartridge
1 - Thermistor extension cable
2 - Cyclops HeatBreak
1 - Cyclops+ Hotside fixings kit