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E3D V6 Gold HotEnd - 12V, Full Kit

E3D V6 Gold HotEnd - 12V, Full Kit

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Key Features:

  • Genuine E3D Gold Anodized HotEnd
  • Standard PTFE tubing upgraded to reduced-friction Capricorn tubing
  • Upgraded Hardened Steel Nozzle & High Precision Heater Cartridge
  • Improved non-stick properties with an upgraded Plated Copper Heater Block

All the best V6 parts carefully curated to make the V6 Gold. More than just its shiny appearance, this HotEnd is built for outstanding performance with all filaments and optimised for high-temperature and abrasive 3D printing. The standard aluminum heater block has been switched out for a plated copper block, increasing heat transfer to the filament, and reducing the chance of filament remnants sticking to it. The non-stick properties of the plated copper blocks are beneficial in high-temperature printing situations where the silicone socks have a shorter lifespan.

The standard included brass nozzle has been upgraded to hardened steel. If you print with carbon fibre, wood/ metal filled filaments, or even glow in the dark filaments then these nozzles are a must. The heater cartridge has also been upgraded. The high precision, quick release heater cartridges feature spot-on physical dimensions for greater surface area contact and improved electrical specifications for more stable performance. These quick release connectors allow for easier maintenance and upgradeability, allowing the HotEnd to be removed without having to re-route the entire wiring loom.

Item Specifics
1 x 'Gold' anodised HeatSink
1 - V6 HeatBreak
1 - Hardened steel nozzle (1.75mm x 0.4mm)
1 - Thermistor cartridge
1 - Thermistor extension cable
1 - High precision heater cartridge
1 - 30x30x10mm Fan
1 - V6 clear fan duct
1 - V6 fixings kit
1 - V6 Plated copper HeaterBlock
1 - Capricorn tubing 100 mm
1 - Thermal paste
1 - Collet with Collet clip