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Edison EdSTEM Home Pack - 2 Robots + 1 EdCreate - 3DMakerWorld, Inc.

Edison EdSTEM Home Pack - 2 Robots + 1 EdCreate

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Key Features:

  • 2 Edison Robots plus the 5-in-1 expansion kit
  • Transform the Edison robots into a tank, digger, RoboClaw, Crane or even a functional printer!
  • Kit contains 115 interlocking pieces that are compatible with the LEGO(R) brick building system.
  • Expand your EDventure with a range of open-ended STEM challenges

Unlock the full potential of Edison, including using IR messaging between robots, sumo wrestling and interactive programmable robotics builds with the EdSTEM Home Pack which includes 2 Edison robots, 2 EdComm programming cables and 1 EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kit at a bundle-pack discount, reducing the cost per product in this bundle.

Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age. It helps deliver meaningful computational thinking, computer programming and 21st-century education in an engaging, hands-on way. These robots are durable, have no loose parts to manage, and thanks to their compact size, are easy to store. Edison works right out of the box, fully pre-built with all sensors ready to use. There’s no software to install or manage, making it easy to use Edison with different device types and platforms, including laptops, Chromebooks and tablets.

The Edison robot’s creator kit is 5-in-1 expansion pack construction system is designed to work with the Edison robot. Each kit consists of 115 interlocking building blocks, pegs, gears, and other parts. The individual EdCreate pieces are designed with studs and holes which are compatible with Edison robots and any other LEGO brick compatible building system. 

Item Specifics
2 - Edison Robots
2 - EdComm Communication Cables
1 - EdCreate Kit