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Flexion Retrofit Kit for Common Dual Extruder

Flexion Retrofit Kit for Common Dual Extruder

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Key Features:

  • Flexible filament extruder retrofit kit for both left and right sides of a dual-extruder printer
  • Print fast with flexible materials, higher resolution, and fewer failures
  • Uses a high-stiffness lever to compress the filament for more tension and more precise control of the tension
  • Kit requires extruder disassembly to install upgrade

3D printer extruder retrofit kit for dual-extruder direct-drive machines, such as the Flashforge Creator Pro, QiDi Tech, Powerspec Ultra, and CTC Dual Extruder. The Flexion extruder will allow full-speed printing of flexible filaments and improved accuracy printing with PLA and ABS. The precision machined components allow your printer to push on filament harder, achieve high pressure in the nozzle, and control of feed rates very closely. The self-cleaning drive will keep your long prints from failing due to a clogged drive. Works well with flexible PLA, TPU, TPE ultra-flexible filament down to 50 Shore A, and all the standard rigid filaments like ABS and PLA.

Item Specifics
Weight : 0.1 lbs
Size: 3.5" × 4.5" × 1.25"
Works with: Flashforge Creator Pro, Powerspec Ultra, QiDi Tech, Malyan M180, Wanhao Duplicator 4s, CTC
Detailed instructions on disassembly and installation can be found on the Diabase Engineering site.

Mounting block
2 - Tensioning arm with idler and cleaning brush (one right & one left)
2 - Adjustment cam
2 - Drive gear
2 - Feed barrel
2 - Heater block
2 - Insulation for heater block
6 nozzles – 2 each 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 mm orifice
2 - Adapter shim to allow 6mm and 0.25″ heater cartridges
4 - PTFE feed tubes
2 - spare cleaning brushes
All mounting hardware
6mm and 7mm wrench for installing nozzles
Stepper motor or motor mounting screws not included