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HiFiBerry Digi+ Standard

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The HiFiBerry Digi+ is a high-quality S/PDIF output board for the Raspberry Pi model A+/B+ and the new Raspberry Pi 2. It is designed as an add-on board that connects to the P1 and P5 header of the Raspberry Pi.
Dedicated S/PDIF interface chip supports up to 192kHz/24bit resolution
Optical (Toslink) and electrical outputs
Bit-perfect output, audio data stream will not be modified in any way
Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi,no additional cables needed
No soldering.The Digi+ comes as a pre-fabricated kit. You just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi B+. The board conform to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification. That means it perfectly fits your Raspberry Pi B+.
Directly powered from the Raspberry Pi,no additional power supply
Optional:high-bandwidth output transformer provides full galvanic isolation of the electrical output (not in the standard version)
Integrated EEPROM for automatic configuration (with write-protection). Note that this feature is still in development by the Raspberry Pi foundation. You will be able to upgrade your HiFiBerry DAC+ when it is officially available. The sound card already works without this feature.
Comes with all components required to mount it. We include 4 M2.5x12mm spacers to fix the board onto the Raspberry Pi.
Note about the compatibility with Raspberry Pi Model A and B:This board is only compatible with the Raspberry Pi model A+,B+ and 2B. Important note: While the hardware is able to output DTS/Dolby Digital, software has to be adapted to support this. We will support the developers to implement this. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this feature will work with a specific software. Please ask the developers of the software if this is supported.
Note that this model is not compatible with older Raspberry Pi model A and B units!

  • HiFiBerry Digi is a high-quality S/PDIF output for the Raspberry Pi.
  • It uses the I2S sound port that connects directly to the CPU without the need for an additional USB conversion.
  • The standard version features an optical output and an electrical output.
  • Note that this model is not compatible with older Raspberry Pi model A and B units!
  • Skill Level : Assembled and Tested