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Igus Drylin R Solid Polymer Linear Slide LM8UU Bearing, RJ4JP-01 - 8mm Shaft (8 pack)

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Key Features:

  • Replaces stock LM8UU bearing used in 3D printers
  • 8 mm inner diameter
  • Fits perfectly in 3D printer pillow block
  • 8 pcs per pack and installs easily in x and y axis
  • Self lubricating, not oil or grease needed

The lubrication-free drylin(R) linear bearing is based on the principle of "gliding instead of rolling". In combination with corrosion-free materials, tribo-optimised iglidur(R) high performance polymers are used as a sliding surface. drylin(R) linear bearings traverse in dry operation and are thereby maintenance-free and are insensitive to influences such as dirt, water, chemicals, heat or impacts. In addition, they have a very low noise because of the materials used and the special design. With these properties, drylin(R) linear guides can be used in a wide variety of environments, including extreme ones. The modular system allows for high flexibility with different rail guides and pillow blocks.

Item Specifics
8 - RJ4JP Linear Bearings
Material sliding element: iglide(R) J4
Fmax. dynamic: 200 N
Fmax. static: 800 N
ID: 8.00 mm
OD: 15.0 mm
Length: 24.0 mm
Bearing Weight (single): 2g