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Lay Filaments BENDLAY (flex) 3D Printing Filament - 3.0mm, 0.25kg

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Key Features:

  • Flexible, extremely translucent producing nearly clear prints
  • No 'stress whitening' when bending
  • Flexible but not soft with a shore hardness of 96A
  • Great alternative for ABS and soft PLA

BendLay is a modified Butadiene, which is safe for your household, food products, and medical devices. It has a high interlayer adhesion, making it a really wonderful and easy-to-print filament. BendLay has another great component: it remains 'bendable' after it is printed. Compared to ABS it also absorbs far less moisture from the air and thus cuts down on warping significantly. BendLay a very useful filament that can be used for a variety of objects that cannot be easily created in regular filaments. Great for thin bottles and cups (due to its watertight properties), squeezable toys for children (and dogs) and even straps, wristbands or soles for your shoes.

Item Specifics
Diameter tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Printing temperature: 220 - 245 degC
Series: BendLay
Weight: 0.25kg
Filament Size: 2.85mm