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Lay Filaments ETHY-LAY Dissolvable Support 3D Printing Filament - 3.0mm, 0.10kg

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Key Features:

  • Dissolves in alcohol instead of water or Di-Limonene
  • Created as alternatives to PVA and HIPS
  • Prints as a low temperature
  • No heated bed required

Adding to the variety of support filaments from Kai Party, ETHY-LAY is here. A unique filament in the LAY-AWAY series in that it dissolves in alcohol, not water. This makes it the ideal support material for filaments that cannot come in contact with water. It also prints at a low temperature of 165 degC and doesn't require a heated bed!

Item Specifics
Printing temperature: 165 degC
Series: Lay-Away
Weight: 0.10kg
Filament Size: 2.85mm