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Lay Filaments Gel-Lay Porous 3D Printing Filament spool - 1.75mm, 0.75kg

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Key Features:

  • Gel-Like porous filament
  • Part water soluble PVA, part elastomeric rubber polymer
  • Strong and rigid filament without contact with water, but after wetting becomes elastic

Gel-Lay is a new "jelly-like" filament from Kai Parthy, similar to gelatin. It is part of the new line of filaments (with a porous structure) called PoroLay. The PoroLay line consists of four different types of filaments: LayFomm 40, LayFomm 60, FeltLay and Gel-Lay. Gel-Lay filament consists of a mixture of a PVA (soluble) and elastomeric rubber polymer. The PVA part of this filament makes it water soluable. After printing, soak the part in water. The PVA component dissolves leaving the rubber polymer with a micro-porous appearance. This gel-like material (hence its name) offers multiple applications in the world of 3D printing. The elasticity and water solubility of a part makes it an extremely versatile filament, suitable for use in biomechanics and objects in contact with water.

Item Specifics
Diameter tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Printing temperature: 235 degC
Print bed temperature: 20-80 degC
Series: Poro-Lay
Material: PVA and Elastomeric Rubber Polymer
Weight: 0.75kg
Filament Size: 1.75mm