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Lay Filaments Mold-Lay 3D Printing Filament - 3.0mm, 0.25kg

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Key Features:

  • Virtually zero strain
  • Print without a warm bed
  • Plastic Wax-like filament used for makings molds
  • Lower melting point compared to PLA makes casting easier

MoldLay is a new filament with wax-like properties. It is very stiff at room temperature but becomes extrudable when heated to 170-180 °C. This filament was designed by renowned German developer of new 3D printing filaments Kai Parthy of Lay-Filaments. He is the inventor of the most interesting compounds currently filaments such as the Bendlay, the Layfomm or better known as LayWoo-D3 or Lay-Brick, all extremely easy to print to any printer 3D technology. MoldLay is a filament that can print both molds for the lost wax casting and for permanent mold. It is extremely stable and remains dimensionally rigid at room temperature. MoldLay does not require such high temperatures and it does not emit toxic fumes when melted like other materials. With MoldLay you can even use your kitchen oven.

Item Specifics
Diameter tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Printing temperature: 175 - 180 degC
Print bed temperature: < 40 degC
The molds should be treated at 270 degC in an oven cooking
Series: Mold-Lay
Weight: 0.25kg
Filament Size: 2.85mm