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Metal Earth Premium Series Gundam Barbatos Model Kit

Metal Earth Premium Series Gundam Barbatos Model Kit

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Key Features:

  • High Quality steel 3D Models
  • No glue or solder required
  • Amazing detail
  • Easy to follow instructions included!

The Gundam Barbatos is one of 72 "Gundam" frames that was produced and used in the Calamity War. After it was recovered, Chryse Guard Security used it as a power reactor; aside from the fact that its Ahab Reactors were still functional, this was done mainly because Barbatos' cockpit was missing when it was found. A new cockpit similar to the one used by the CGS mobile workers was installed prior to its redeployment by the 3rd Group. Poor maintenance over the centuries since the Calamity War has degraded the Barbatos' armor and full combat potential. This is later rectified by Teiwaz technicians, who not only restored the Barbatos to its original look but also returned it back to a performance close to its original.

Metal Earth models are made from high quality steel sheets. Each model features amazing detail with parts cut from 4 inch sheets. Easy follow instructions are included with each kit and no glue or solder is required. Simply snip out the pieces and bend tabs through corresponding connection points.

Item Specifics
Number of sheets: 2 Sheets
Difficulty: Expert
Assembled Size: 2.95"L x 3.74"W x 4.72"H (7.5 x 9.5 x 12 cm)