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Micro Swiss MK10 Slotted Cooling Block All Metal Hotend Kit - 0.2mm

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Key Features:

  • Upgrade for MK10 style printers to All Metal Hotend
  • Print at much higher temperature than possible with original PTFE lined hotend
  • Made from two different materials for the best thermal conductivity properties
  • Improved thermal conductivity with the Slotted Cooling Block
  • Stainless Steel Thermal Break & TwinClad XT Nickel Plated Nozzle included

Upgrade to the Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend kit with redesigned cooling block for Wanhao i3, Wanhao i3 Plus and all other i3 clones. With the slotted cooling block Micro Swiss improved the slotted clamping system, removed the set screw to avoid dinging/damaging the thermal tube, created significantly better heat transfer, is now easier to disassemble and make adjustments, and offers precise control on bore diameter. Plus you get all of the benefits from Micro Swiss' All Metal Hotend! 

This upgrade includes a modified thermal barrier tube and modified nozzle with modified cooling block. Thermal barrier tube is made from 2 different materials. The lower thermal break is made from stainless steel, and the colder upper part is made from aluminum. Stainless steel was used for thermal break because it offers low thermal conductivity, and aluminum was used for the upper portion because it has a lot better thermal conductivity, to carry away any heat from the filament. All metal hotend will let you print at much higher temperature than possible with original PTFE lined one and offers more consistent melt chamber control. 

Item Specifics
1 - Wear Resistant Nozzle
1 - Thermal tube
1 - Thermal compound
1 - Slotted Cooling block
Nozzle Size: 0.2mm

Wanhao i3 / i3 Plus
Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2 / Maker Select Plus
Cocoon Create 3D Printer