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Pimoroni Pan-Tilt HAT Full Kit w/Micro Servos

Pimoroni Pan-Tilt HAT Full Kit w/Micro Servos

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  • Ideal for a mini CCTV system, this set of horizontal and vertical motion servos will give you Pi camera movement with a minimum of fuss.
  • Pan-tilt module (180 degrees motion through each axis) with two servos. Acrylic mount to hold Pi camera and NeoPixel strip (with diffuser) in place.
  • HAT with two servo channels, one PWM or NeoPixel RGB (or RGBW) LED channel
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, and Zero
  • Note that the Pi camera, NeoPixel strip, male header, female to female jumper wires, Lego character, Pi 3 and Pibow are not included. You'll need to pick them up separately!