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Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield (Arduino Compatible)

Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield (Arduino Compatible)

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Key Features:

  • Motor outputs can be combined to deliver up to 24 A continuous to a single motor
  • Ultrasonic PWM operation up to 20 kHz
  • Current sense voltage output proportional to motor current (only active while H-bridge is driving)
  • Motor indicator LEDs show what the outputs are doing even when no motor is connected
  • Arduino or Arduino clone compatible (through shield headers) or other microcontroller boards

This shield makes it easy to control two high-power DC motors with your Arduino or Arduino-compatible board. Its dual robust VNH5019 motor drivers operate from 5.5 to 24 V and can deliver a continuous 12 A (30 A peak) per motor, or a continuous 24 A (60 A peak) to a single motor connected to both channels. These great drivers also offer current-sense feedback and accept ultrasonic PWM frequencies for quieter operation. The Arduino pin mappings can all be customized if the defaults are not convenient, and the motor driver control lines are broken out along the left side of the shield for general-purpose use without an Arduino.

Item Specifics
1 - stackable 1×10 female header
2 - stackable 1×8 female headers
2 - stackable 1×6 female headers
3 - 5mm 2-pin terminal blocks
1 - male breakaway 40-pin 0.1″ straight header
1 - 0.1″ shorting block (for optionally supplying shield power to Arduino)
Motor driver:VNH5019
Motor channels:2
Minimum operating voltage: 5.5 V
Maximum operating voltage: 24 V
Continuous output current per channel: 12 A
Peak output current per channel: 30 A
Current sense: 0.14 V/A
Maximum PWM frequency: 20 kHz
Reverse voltage protection
Size: 0.6″ × 0.8
Weight: 1.6 g
Some soldering may be required
Arduino is not included
Not recommended for use with 24V batteries
Connecting supplies over 16 V in reverse can damage the motor driver