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RepRapDiscount Hexagon AO All Metal Hot End Kit - 1.75mm, 12V

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Key Features:

  • All Metal Hot End for Lulzbot Printer
  • Custom Lulzbot Hotend manufactured by RepRapDiscount
  • Works well with a variety of materials
  • Full kit including nozzle, fans and tools

Hexagon LulzBot Edition Hot End manufactured by RepRapDiscount and designed by LulzBot. This is a custom hot end designed by LulzBot and used in the newest LulzBot printers. This all-metal hot end kit works very well with a variety of materials from Nylon to PLA. Nozzle can be removed while the hot end is still mounted for versatile printing. Two fans are included in this kit: one for cooling the hot end and a second fan for cooling the part.

Item Specifics
1 - Hexagon AO hotend
1 - Nozzle 0.4mm
1 - 12v 30w heater cartridge and cable
1 - EPCOS 100K thermistor (type 1) and cable
1 - Thermistor securing plate and screw
1 - Aluminum mounting plate
1 - 12v 40mm fan
1 - 12v 25mm fan
1 - Barrel wrench
1 - Hex key
2 - Set screws