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Adafruit 10-pin 2x5 Socket-Socket 1.27mm IDC (SWD) Cable - 150mm long

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Key Features:

  • Handy for programming/debugging tiny boards that use 10-pin 1.27mm pitch SWD programming connectors
  • Often found on ARM Cortex dev kits
  • Makes a great backup cable

These little cables are handy when programming or debugging a tiny board that uses 10-pin 1.27mm (0.05") pitch SWD programming connectors. We see these connectors often on ARM Cortex dev kits, and have a few handy in our ARM-dev box. We thought you may want a backup cable as well!

One cable per order. The ribbon cable is 0.06mm/0.025" pitch and the connector is a 1.27mm (0.05") pitch 2x5 box. These are not for use with programming most AVRs or other large devices that have 0.1" pitch connectors so be aware which you need!

Item Specifics
Dimensions: 150mm long x 6mm wide / 5.9" x .3"
Connector: 5mm x 3mm
Weight: 1.9g