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Sparkfun LED Strip Pigtail Connector (2-pin)

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Key Features:

  • 2-pin JST-SM pigtail connector
  • Works perfectly with LED strips
  • Great spare part for when you might need it

These 2-pin JST-SM pigtail connectors mate perfectly with LED strips and other applications that require only two lines and an option for quick connection and disconnection. Even if you don't have a specific use for these pigtail connectors now, it's good to have them handy when you need them!

Each connector pack comes with one male and one female connector. The 20AWG wire leads are colored in a red/black sequence, are almost 4 inches (10cm) long and are terminated with a JST-SM connector on one end and left bare on the other.

Item Specifics
1 - male connector
1 - female connector
Wire gauge: 20AWG
Length: 4 inches
Connectors: JST-SM